Project Description

A book to hold our stories

Amanda Woodford
Master’s thesis, (2011).

A Book To Hold Our Stories, an arts-based research project, is home to three chapters of life stories offered by three women about their experience of ‘what it is like to live in a different culture’.

As the pages turn, as the threads of the story come into view, we come to know ‘what matters’ for these three storytellers. Meaning is released as the storylines are explored. Life patterns begin to emerge.

It is about ‘story’ – the telling of, observing, entering into, walking around, sharing and responding. These stories are real, lived and known. They are from women who live in the same residential community. There are similarities. There are differences…

Told by the researcher, we come to know part of another’s story and possibly more about our own. The threads of the story reveal the diversity of lived experiences held within our communities. Some threads poke out, vibrant, colourful, looping outwards. Others are tucked away, smooth, blended-in, barely visible.

What do we come to now know when a story is told?

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  • A Book to Hold Our Stories
    Master’s thesis, Amanda Woodford