Governance and Management

The MIECAT Institute is a not-for-profit incorporated body. It is composed of members who convene at The MIECAT Institute Inc.’s Annual General Meeting.

The following committees ensure that The MIECAT Institute organisational undertakings including all courses and its graduation processes are in compliance with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), its levels criteria and qualification type learning outcomes descriptors and its Qualifications Issuance Policy. 

The MIECAT Institute Council

(Oversees all the Institute’s operations both academic and organisational)

The MIECAT Institute Academic Board

(Reports to Council on all academic matters)

The MIECAT Institute Executive Management Committee

(Reports to Council and Academic Board)

The MIECAT Institute Risk Management Committee

(Reports to Council)

The MIECAT Institute Ethics Committee

(Reports to the Academic Board)

The MIECAT Institute Education Committee

(Reports to Academic Board)


Places in the Masters and Professional Doctorate program are limited. All applications received will be reviewed and considered by the Selection and Admissions Panel. To find out more, contact us via the form below and indicate which program you are interested in knowing more about.