Guidelines for Missed
Supervision Sessions

Policy Statement

Purpose and Intent

MIECAT (The MIECAT Institute Inc) is committed to ensuring that all students are treated fairly and equitably.

This policy outlines the principles and process for Missed Supervision Sessions.


  • To establish a framework for students to complete companioning practicum subjects where attendance required is 100%.
  • To clearly communicate the responsibilities of student and institute staff in relation to students who missed supervision sessions.


This policy applies to all students enrolled in Companioning Practicum subjects.

Policy Provisions

The Companioning Practicum subjects (CPC1, CPT1, CPC2, CPE, CPT2, CP3, CPR1 and CPR2) require 100% attendance in order to gain a pass.  Students who miss a session/s will be provided with an opportunity to attend a make up class.

Guidelines for Companioning Practicum subjects

  • Companioning Practicum supervision sessions will be timetabled and all dates provided to students in advance
  • All students are to attend the first timetabled supervision session. All subsequent supervision dates will, if necessary, be amended by mutual agreement between students and supervisor
  • Students will be required to sign an agreement to attend the mutually agreed scheduled supervision dates and agree to abide by the missed supervision guidelines including any payment if necessary
  • Makeup classes may be scheduled during the semester as required and determined by the Subject Coordinators and teaching staff member/s assigned to run them
  • The dates of makeup classes will be provided to students
  • Individual 1:1 sessions cannot be negotiated between staff and students

Guidelines for students who miss a supervision session/s

  • Make up supervision sessions will be free of charge only for students who can demonstrate that they meet the criteria for special or unforeseen circumstances
  • if a valid reason not provided/ or a student is absent without any prior notification, then students may attend makeup classe/es at a cost
  • Special or unforeseen circumstances include:
    – medical emergencies with medical certificate provided
    – reasons beyond student’s control and unforeseen that admin deem acceptable

Makeup supervision classes:

  • Are group supervisions, not 1:1 supervisions
  • It is not guaranteed that the make up class will be facilitated by the student’s usual supervisor
  • May be attended by any student who have missed supervision sessions regardless of supervision group
  • Will cost $40.00 per hour (for students required to pay)

Related Legislation

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Supporting Procedures


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Approval Authority

Executive Management Committee

Approval Date

20th February 2017

Policy Owner

Education Committee

Responsibility for Implementation

The Education Committee and Administration staff are responsible for overseeing the overall implementation of the Guidelines for Missed Supervision Sessions.

Responsibility for Monitoring Implementation and Compliance

Executive Management Committee and Education Committee are responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Academic Board.


  • CPC1 – Companioning Practicum 1 (Community Arts & Health Stream)
  • CPT1 – Companioning Practicum 1 (Therapy & Education Stream)
  • CPC2 – Companioning Practicum 2 (Community Arts & Health Stream)
  • CPE – Companioning Practicum 2 (Education Stream)
  • CPT2 – Companioning Practicum 2 (Therapy Stream)
  • CP3 – Companioning Practicum 3 (all Streams)
  • CPR1 – Companioning Practicum 1 (Research Stream)
  • CPR2- Companioning Practicum 2 (Research Stream)