Mission Statement

The MIECAT Institute is a not-for-profit higher education provider that offers accredited post-graduate courses in, and conducts research through, experiential and creative arts.

Our approach seeks congruence between what is taught and how it is taught. The dynamic process of inquiry invites you to be curious, challenged and immersed in a community of co-learners.

The Institute creates opportunities for you to reconstruct understandings of experience, values and meanings, to enrich professional practice and to contribute creatively to society.

Vision Statement

The MIECAT Institute is committed to training practitioners working in a variety of contexts including health, community development, education and arts therapy, to understand and represent multi-arts and experiential ways of being in their professional and personal lives.

Values Statement

Together we value:

  • Multi-modal collaborative inquiry and action
  • Educational and relational processes that are transformative of self in community
  • An experiential arts-based approach to teaching and learning.