The Round Room – Patterns, Fabric and the Love of Life.

Kerri Weymouth,
Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.
Community Arts and Health Stream.
Griffith Regional Art Gallery/Western Riverina Arts.

Like these Patterns
Of different sizes
Stitched together
Brings questions

Doubts of insecurities
Am I good enough
Who am I
Our doubts society’s flaw

Large and small
Differences amongst
Short and tall
But still the same

Cool and simple
Crusted with jewels
Sparkly and glowing
But still the same

Many colours
Bright and Dramatic
Flowing with curves
But still the same

All beautiful
In our own way
The same but different

Like our life
Connected together
We find the flaws
That are not

Uniqueness in forms
Beauty within
We conquer our doubts
Society’s flaws

They are not who we are

We are
We love
We are strong
We care
We are beautiful
We are We

A film by Camille Whitehead for Western Riverina Arts.
Music – flowing (Serene), Endless Wave Vol. 2 by Gabrielle Roth.

Friday 21 February – Sun 29 March, 2020.
Griffith Regional Art Gallery.


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