Being with/in the space of us: An emergent arts inquiry

Stacey Bush
Doctoral Dissertation,

What can we come to know of qualities of being with/in intersubjective space? I inquire into this question by exploring in detail four moments of therapists’ experiences of intersubjective interaction. This is an emergent art inquiry where multi-modal art expression is the research. As such it is situated in the field of arts-based research. Unique to my way of working is the use of visual description to represent and explore experiences of being with/in intersubjective space. What is explored here is what we know, implicitly and explicitly, of our experiencing. I suggest that we access what we know by attending to our resonant felt sensing. We multi-modally represent felt resonances which hold energy, be they consonant or dissonant. Through this exploration I learn that this work is as much about the process of emergent art inquiry as it is about being with/in intersubjective spaces. I learn that being with/in spaces of intersubjective interaction is also an emergent process, a form of inquiry.

The relevance and value of this thesis lies in its articulation of processes of intersubjective interaction and its demonstration of how using multi- modal arts as inquiry is an emergent process of coming to new knowing. In many ways it is all about the ‘how’ of being with self, others, and the world in inquiries into meaning. This focus is aimed at making meaning in general but also fosters understanding of unique personal processes of meaning making. This ‘how’ is relevant not only to therapists, researchers, and artists, but to all of us who are curious to make sense of living experiencing and wish to flourish.

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Being with/in the space of us: An emergent arts inquiry
Doctoral dissertation, Stacey Bush


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