Project Description

Alchemy of the Elements – An Autumn Exploration of Eco Print.

Michelle Morgan, 2017. Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice (Community Arts and Health Stream).
In collaboration with Habitat Uniting Church.

  • Image Credit
    Collection of works – Alchemy of the Elements exhibiting artists. Photos by Jan Allen.

Art making is a way to express what’s present for me, to understand, to follow my inner process. I’m inspired by mentors who encourage me to keep making art as a way of making meaning. I love that eco-print teaches me to be patient, to welcome the unexpected, and that I’m not in control. Also, that collaboration (with nature, and with others) brings gifts that are not possible if I’m just operating under my own steam. I love the bold colour that has emerged in these works. Also, discovering what was left behind in the pot has been a complete surprise and caught my curiosity.

  • Exhibition Dates
    28th April – 31st May 2017.
    2 Minona Street, Hawthorn, Melbourne.

  • Partners
    Boroondara Community Outreach, Habitat Uniting Church, Habitat Art Studio.