Project Description

 Making Sense the Artefact 

Sharyn Latham, 2020. Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice (Therapy Stream).
In collaboration with The MIECAT Institute.

  • Sound pieces crafted by S. Latham in collaboration with her peer contributors.

Making Sense, the Artefact incorporates The MIECAT Form of Inquiry, which is a multimodal approach to working with others and responding to the experiences around us. I offer this artefact to the MIECAT Institute in the form of sound. A coming together of voice, a connection of other and a validation of experience(s)…

The events of 2020 has seen us in the midst of the unknown. Due to the global pandemic my practicum was transferred to The MIECAT Institute. New experiences and skills were to be embraced and digital modalities adapted to become a part of the relational space. 

The idea of a podcast was proffered, but I soon found the format needed reduction for me to be able to hold it. I explored containable and resonant ways to bring our narratives together in the absence of face to face encounters. 

My peers offered spoken contributions which were relevant to their 2020 experience. I offered intersubjective responses using sound resonances. A dialogue of our understanding was formed through this relational process and modality. The hope is that others who come across this artefact may gain some insight to the 2020 experience of contributors, as well as an offering of processes, procedures and values available through The MIECAT Form of Inquiry. 

Voice and sound was integrated and exported as MP3 using the audio editor Audacity© 

  • Acknowledgements
    With thanks to my peers Kerri, Jac and Annika for their contributions and willingness to be a part of this artefact.