A guide to the MIECAT Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice

What our students say about us

Ciara’s experience

Ciara is a practicing artist, poet, and works with children in an adventure playground context

Elysa’s experience

Elysa speaks of her surprise at experiential, values-based learning at MIECAT.

Jaya’s experience

Jaya highlights the integrated approach to multimodal arts-based inquiry practice.

Jo’s experience

Practising artist and educator, Jo speaks of how the MIECAT Masters shows up in her everyday work.

Luke’s experience

Performing artist and therapeutic practitioner, Luke shares how the MIECAT Masters has supported him to develop practical skills in his professional practice.

Marlene’s experience

Marlene, professional photographer, reflects on the richness of MIECAT’s approach to experiential learning, her experience of growing in academic writing and professional possibilities through the Masters program

Sandy’s experience

Sandy shares how she paced her study in response to changing life circumstances, and how she is applying her learning in a virtual context.

Katie’s experience

Hear from Katie, practising artist as she shares her highlights and reflections on the Miecat Masters.

Warren’s experience

Practising performing artist and therapeutic practitioner, Warren reflects on values-based learning in an immersive environment that calls for curiosity and offers support.

Weiyu’s experience

Working as a mental health nurse, Weiyu offers insight into the interface between Arts and Health through the Masters program.