Project Description

Dream embodiment: Adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Master’s thesis, (2014).

With curiosity, we listen, move, draw, collage, echo, and sound to our dreams.

What you are journeying into is a multimodal documentation of my practice-led research of nighttime dream experiences, embodied and represented through vocal sound and other art forms.

To launch, I share with you my passion for voice and dreaming in my sound improvisation practice. I follow the path of this practice with five women who contribute dreams weekly for four weeks…

In turn, each embodies and represents her own dreams using voice and other art mediums.

We attend to and participate in each other’s dreams vocally, following the dreamer. Along the way, I dreamt and explored one of my dreams using a similar process. I reflect on the experience of dream embodiment, remaining open to the flow of possibilities and respecting the unknown. To terminate, I arrive at a series of small knowings on self, process, expression, support, and trust.

Now, I invite you to travel with all of your senses, to trust your own way of experiencing through the layers, turns, pauses and returns of a non-linear dream embodiment.

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  • Dream embodiment: Adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts
    Master’s thesis, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

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