Project Description

A moment shared with a horse

Barb Miles
Master’s thesis, (2014).

This paper is an inquiry into language as being more than the written or spoken word between humans. It is an exploration of what we can come to know when we (humans) seek out or are provided opportunities to experience connection with ourselves as well as with our ‘wild’ beyond human environment. It examines in an emerging way what this language has to tell us about the other, our world and ourselves.

The paper sinks and swims in its attempts to get closer to understanding how flesh, perception, creativity, imagination and memory are connected with and in dialogue with our surroundings. It aims to be gentle and quiet so that it can hear the reverberations that exist within our own recesses as well as those of our non- human others…

The research topic uses the creative arts as a therapeutic method for working with, often, very traumatised young people. It acknowledges that so much of our journey through life is difficult to express in words. It explores how the creative arts can provide an alternative language to the more traditional talk based approaches.

In conducting this research I employed an emergent, arts-based inquiry. I used a ‘bricolage’ of qualitative research methodologies from the postmodern and the post positivist paradigm. The methodology included phenomenology and The MIECAT Institute form of inquiry.

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  • A moment shared with a horse
    Master’s thesis, Barb Miles